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PLUM™ 4.0

Map Accurately and Quickly

Fits in a 4”– 12” pipe

The PLUM™ 4.0 and proprietary software allow for the creation of three-dimensional maps of underground systems and capture the X, Y and Z coordinates.

PLUM™ 4.0 provides measurements with survey-grade accuracy consisting of no more than 0.03% deviation from the horizontal (X and Y coordinates) and no more than 0.02% deviation from the vertical (Z coordinates).

The newly developed PLUM™ 4.0 utilizes secure cloud software that provides real-time data processing, automatic report generation and archives of all related data. Our sensors and proprietary software are integrated into a platform that generates a report detailing the X, Y and Z coordinates and potential bend radius issues, and provides source data that is communicated to the GIS platforms.

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The Process

Set up is simple. The PLUM™ is designed by field engineers for operators in the field. The PLUM™ 4.0 can be either blown through a pipe or conduit or connected to pull tape that is then connected to a winch operated by a field technician. The device delivers real-time, on-site data and measurements of the desired pipe or conduit. Data is anchored to GPS end points via a GPS positioning device. Data is then transmitted from the device to a secure cloud platform. Proprietary data is protected with encryption every step of the process.

Technical Capabilities

Provides Survey Grade Accuracy

Measures with no more than 0.03% deviation from the horizontal (x and y axis) and 0.02% deviation from the vertical (z axis)

Data output capability: CSV, KML, JSON, and SHP files

High-output port and wireless technology allows quick uploading to the cloud

Data can be collected over a single pass through the system

Device can withstand high pressure, water, and other elements

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PLUM™ 4.0

Shipped in a Pelican Case and includes